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Archeology in Dino Valley


Archeology as a feature can be found in the game since the December 3rd, 2014. It is available to all players who have the Valley of the Hidden Dinosaur unlocked and got as far in the storyline where you cure Frank Einstein from his zombie-state.

Note: this page is about only about archeology in the Valley of the Hidden Dinosaur. For help about archeology in Epona click here.

Frank Einstein will start you on your archaeological journey

When doing archeology you have to collect different archeological and paleontological finds. While looking for findings, you can find three types of them. The first category is the dinosaur skeleton. Four dinosaur skeletons can be collected and all of them can be turned in to Professor Jura in Firgrove. The skeletons are called the Mysterious Dinosaur, the Unusual Dinosaur, the Spectacular Dinosaur and the Small Dinosaur. 

After a collection is completed, you can donate it to the museum – this can be done at Professor Jura’s in Firgrove. After turning in a full skeleton, you will be given very valuable rewards!

Swap the collected skeletons for valuable rewards with Professor Jura!

The second category is the items you can trade in with Harley at Nic Stoneground’s Camp. These are the Action Figures, Unusual Gold Coins, Cellphones and Statuettes. To be able to trade them with Harley you will have to have a certain amount of each item – 4 Unusual Gold Coins, 7 Cellphones, 3 Action Figures and 5 Statuettes.

The third category is the less valuable items. These are usually some pieces of trash that can be sold for a few Jorvik Shillings at any store.

Trade your valuable items with Harley at Nic Stoneground's camp!

Let’s see how to do archeology!

About a week after unlocking the Valley of the Hidden Dinosaur, you will get to meet Franke, who later turns out to be Frank Einstein, Elsa Einstein’s long lost brother. You will get to help him and cure him from his zombie-state. This is where your archeology adventure begins.

Frank will give you his trusty pickaxe, Old Betsy and will give you some instructions on how to find archeological findings!

To find them, you will have to ride around the Valley to find rocks that contain fossils. When you are near to a rock, a text will appear. There are four different kind of texts and each one gives you a hint beforehand about what you can find „in” the rock.

  • „You’re close to an archaeological find!” – a piece of a dinosaur skeleton set.
  • “Archaeological find nearby!” – a small object, probably doesn’t worth much.
  • “An extra-interesting find!” – valuable object, you can probably turn them in to Harley
  • “Antique object” – old object, it may or may not be valuable.

Once you discovered the findings, they will go into your inventory.


As mentioned previously, doing archeology in Dino Valley will give you very valuable rewards! Apart from a lot of Jorvik Shillings that you can earn by selling items you can get pretty and max-stat clothing items from both Professor Jura and Harley. Let’s see some of them!