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Catherine’s Memories


Catherine’s Memories are a game mechanic in Star Stable Online. After the events of the Light Ride, you and Soul Rider Linda Chanda have a new mystery to solve! It’s up to the two of you to unravel the story of another girl with magical gifts who found herself caught up with the Soul Riders of a past generation, and figure out what relationship she had with the Druids.

This chapter of the Soul Rider story arc is a standalone quest and is not mandatory to complete in order to play future quests with the Soul Riders. To start the quest meet Linda by her home in Jarlaheim.

To start the quest meet Linda at her apartment in Jarlaheim!

After receiving the quest from Linda in Jorvik Stables you will have to start looking for memory fragments in certain areas. The first area is the Jorvik Stables and its’ surroundings. Once you’ve collected all 10 fragments, return to Linda who will lead you through Catherine’s memories from Jorvik Stables.

Linda will give you more areas to look for memories in, therefore more memories to restore. The fragments appear as shiny pink butterflies that float around. You will also hear a sound once being near of them. By clicking on the butterfly it will show up in your Journal and you’ll be one step closer to fully restoring the diary page. When you collected all 10 butterflies in the area you will receive a call from Linda and will invite you to meet her at her Jarlaheim home so she can activate the spell and see into Catherine’s memories.

Open your Journal to track which memory fragments you found so far!

There are currently four chapters of Catherine’s memories and therefore four areas that you have to search for memory fragments in. After completing the first four areas Linda will reward you with a bonus chapter.

Location 1

Chapter 1 is located in Jorvik Stables.

Location 2

Chapter 2 is located in Hollow Woods.

Location 3

Chapter 3 is located in Moorland Stables.

Location 4

Chapter 4 is located in South Hoof Peninsula.

Once you completed an area you will be rewarded by Linda who will show you Catherine’s memories of that area. A new chapter of Catherine’s diary will also appear in your Lore Library so you can read Catherine’s memories with her own words.

To open the Lore Library, click on the „J” key on your keyboard. You will also see how many memory fragments you have collected so far.

Open the Lore Library to read about Catherine's memories with her own words!

Chapters & guide

There are 3 chapters of this questline, each of them revealing different memories of Catherine Moorland. Throughout the questline you’ll have to find her memory fragments all around Jorvik. 

These videos will be the perfect guide for you to find them:

There are a few other similar game mechanics to Token’s Adventures where you have to collect objects, such as the Spiders, the Golden Stars and Token’s Postcards. Click on them to see more!