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“The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members.”

– Coretta Scott King

The #StarFam is filled with creative, lovely and kind souls who lighten our days and help fellow members of the community – all this besides creating unique and interesting content. Thousands of people follow their everydays whom they share their ideas, funny moments, often advice and sometimes everyday happenings with!

On this page you will find a „list” of some awesome people who are worth to follow as they are true soul riders of the community.

(Please note that this page is under construction as (luckily) we have a lot more amazing people in this community! Within the next few days/weeks I’ll contact more people to ask their permission if I can mention them here.)

People who you should totally follow!

Star Stable Updates

Youtube & instagram

Izabella Snowweb is a Belgian Star Stable YouTuber who leads a channel called Star Stable Updates. Apart from update videos she posts other kinds of creative videos every week. Her channel is a really positive and inspirational place where all SSO players can discuss their love for the game.

She has an Instagram account where she posts pictures of the game and in the captions she lets us catch a glimpse of what is happening in her real life. She uploads stories on a daily basis and is always up-to-date on what is happening in the game.

You can find Iza on the server Spring Star and she also has an alternate account on Night Star called Phoebe Snowweb.


Youtube & instagram

TotalCretin is a Star Stable Ambassador from Northern Ireland who uploads let’s plays, game tutorials and live streams of a wide range of games on her YouTube channel. 

She has an Instagram page on which she posts pictures about the games she plays and often updates about what is currently happening in SSO and the community. She also co-hosts a podcast called the Soul Rider Podcast with Rose Shadowlee and Cecilia Gladefield where they discuss revelant topics – occasionally with guests.

She has been playing the game since 2015 and you can find her on the server Unicorn Forest!

Crystal Hawklee


Crystal is a self taught digital artist whose Instagram is one of our communities most positive account! She regularly posts new pieces of her art in which she mixes real life elements with in-game assets, relevant topics and much more. Apart from her lovely feed, she frequently posts encouraging and supportive stories as well as fan appreciation posts. 

She released her own brushes via Gumroad in 2019 which helped hundreds of people to find their motivation or their art style.

 Crystal is from Norway and can be found on the server Misty Valley.

Anja Firepaw

Youtube & instagram

Anja Firepaw is a Star Stable YouTuber and editor. She started playing SSO about 4 years ago and started uploading videos in 2017. Her content hasn’t really changed since then, she posts random videos when she feels like it and she also loves editing pictures – you can find them on her Instagram and sometimes she also posts them on YouTube. Anja says this game has changed her life and inspired her in many ways! And let’s not forget to mention the community which supports and criticises, just like it should.

You can find Anja by the name Anja Firepaw on all platforms. You can find her on Night Star and Winter Star!

Violet Flowergarden

Youtube & Instagram

Violet Flowergarden is a Star Star YouTuber from the US. She has been creating very interesting, humorous and unique content on the platform since 2012 and was amongst the first content creators for the game. Violet uploads a vide range of videos such as realistic roleplay, fun challenges such as the All Nighter Challenge and review videos on what is happening in the game! From time to time she hosts live streams on YouTube and participates in collaborations with fellow YouTubers.

Violet also owns an Instagram account where posts creative pictures about her life on Jorvik. In her Instagram stories she often features her friends as well as her lovely horse, Lola!

You can find Violet on the North American server Night Star. She currently has over 110,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel!

Adelaide Winterstep

Youtube & instagram

Adelaide Winterstep is an SSO Youtuber based in the Netherlands, and an avid player in the SSO Realistic Roleplay Community since 2018.

Before retiring from her Youtube in early 2020, she filmed and edited RRP videos outlining her in-game life as owner of Silverglade Equestrian Center, creating videos ranging from in-game riding vlogs to short films. Adelaide Winterstep engaged in a range of platforms , and participated in SSO Live shows, roleplay events and collaborations, including her in-game riding team for Silverglade Equestrian. Eventually, through much of the collaborative efforts of RRPer’s, Realistic Roleplay became mainstream and this allowed her Youtube to amass nearly 29k followers.

Nowadays, Adelaide Winterstep continues to be active on her Instagram, posting photos and short videos of her horses Dante and Murphy. Although a native to the Pumpkin Meadow Server, she can typically be found roaming around any and all US servers.

Madison Darknight

youtube & instagram

Madison Darknight is a Star Stable YouTuber who also leads an Instagram page about the game. Her channel consists of let’s plays, update reviews and various other types of videos. 

One thing is sure – no matter what type of creative content she comes up with, it’s going to be really humourous! She frequently updates her Instagram with edits and interesting stories.

You can find Maddy on Night Star.


Youtube & instagram

Smisla, or as known in the game April Oakfall is a Star Stable YouTuber who occasionally uploads videos or streams of other games such as Alicia Online or Fortnite. On her channel you can find let’s plays, short films, series and other creative content, such as trying Jamie Olivetree’s recipe in real life – how creative! Her channel has genuine and humourous content that we can all enjoy.

Isla is on the server Unicorn Forest and currently has over 10,000 subscribers on YouTube!

Victoria Breezeforce

Youtube & Instagram

Not gonna lie, if you don’t follow Victoria yet, you don’t know what you’re missing out! She is a Star Stable YouTuber who puts up really unique content on the platform. You can find let’s plays, speed tests, different spoiler videos and other kind of uploads, some of which are popular video ideas with a twist.

She has a really special style which makes you feel like you’re listening to a friend of yours talking on a road trip or while having a chat in a café!

On Instagram she posts edits and other pictures and she also posts interesting stories both about the game and her IRL adventures!

You can find Victoria on Night Star.

Luna Silverlion

Youtube & instagram

Luna is the community’s positive queen! She is a Star Stable YouTuber who uploads update reviews, tutorials, fun videos with her amazing club and much more. In 2019 she started an „Outfit of the week” series where she posted gorgeous outfits every single week.

She is the co-owner of The Stars Squad, one of the most positive and inspirational clubs of the Star Stable community. She and her friends focus on spreading happiness and love all around.

On Instagram, she posts various types of pictures, such as (SSO) horse photography, portraits, club pictures and realistic role play. Luna also has a website where she uploaded all of her steeds, outfit recommendations, shows us all of her pets and even more!

You can find Luna on Night Star.

Angelica Coldforest


Angelica Coldforest a talented and kind artist who creates Star Stable art in her own unique and beautiful style! Her Instagram has a big following of people who enjoy both the game and her art. 

She posts interesting Instagram stories on a daily basis where she often does Q&A-s, releases phone backgrounds and lets us see what she’s doing in the everydays.

You can find Angelica on the server Fire Star!

Hannah Opaltree

Youtube & instagram

Hannah Opaltree is a Star Stable player who has a big following on YouTube and Instagram respectively. Her genre is mainly realistic role play, which is something she introduced to a lot of players in our community. Her YouTube channel consists of RRP videos and she occasionally uploads other different content, too – such as update reviews and training videos.

You can find Hannah on the server Pumpkin Meadow!