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Training & Racing


Racing is a core feature in the game that allows us to train our horses every day, thus gaining XP, Jorvik Shillings and reputation with certain factions.

All races appear on a daily basis. You can only get the rewards for them once a day but you can compete as much as you want to for practice or for high scores if you click on the high score boards.

Some races are not available until you have reached a certain level, unlocked a certain area or became Liked/Popular/Admired with their required faction. If you have maxed your game, you will have 50 races in total (with the daily druid training „races” being out of the game currently).

If you do every race, including the ones that require a special breed like the Pony race or the Icelandic race you can collect 7895 XP for your horse a day. This means that even if you skip one or two races that you’re not a fan of you can still max your horse from level 1 to level 15 in 5 days!

Click here for the list of all available races in the game and more on their rewards! For tips & tricks on how to make training more enjoyable, click here.

If you’re not keen on training your horse, you can hire a horse trainer who will help your horse to reach the next level. The higher your horse’s level the more expensive the trainer is going to become. The price increases by 25 star coins as your horse’s level progresses. If you want to max your horse from level 1 to level 15 with exclusively the help of a trainer, it is going to cost you 2625 star coins.

You can find the trainers in New Hillcrest, the Jorvik Stables, the Silverglade Equestrian Center and Marley’s Farm.

Leading ropes can also be bought from the trainers for 135 star coins. The only restriction is for you to be at least on level 10. After buying the leading rope you have to dismount your horse and click on the leading icon that will show up left to your minimap!