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All Servers


Since Star Stable Online is a game that’s available and popular worldwide it is divided into different servers. When first signing up for the game you get placed on a server and it won’t change unless you choose to switch to another one.

The area and the server you will be placed on depends on your computer’s IP address it has when you first register. E. g. if your computer has a North American IP address you will be placed on one of the NA servers. If your computer has a Swedish IP address you will be placed on one of the Swedish servers.

You can move between servers if you want to (and if there is space on the server you wish to change to) but you can’t move between areas or regions. E. g. you can move from the East European Grape Mountain server to the East European Pancake Mountain server; but you can’t move to the Asian Panda Valley server since the Asian and East European servers are in two different areas.

The servers have names (Cupcake Valley), regions (Europe), areas (United Kingdom) and numbers (SSO-EU-UK-01).

When there are too many players on a server the game won’t allow any more players to move to it and it will stay like this until plenty of people move from it so there will be space again for players.
E. g. the North American Night Star server often gets full and won’t allow players from different servers to move to it.

You can find a list of all servers below!


  • Panda Valley
  • Paradise Falls (closed)
  • Water Star (closed)

Australia / New Zealand

  • Fire Star
  • Magnolia Jungle

Brazil / South America

  • Rainbow Valley
  • River Valley


  • Licorice Heaven

East Europe

  • Grape Mountain
  • Pancake Mountain
  • Sunny Mountain


  • Apricot Harbor
  • Carrot Cove


  • Blueberry Mountain
  • Diamond Island
  • Lavender Fields


  • Autumn Star
  • Blackberry Galaxy
  • Cape Coconut
  • Chocolate Mountain
  • Cloudy Rock
  • Foggy Spring
  • Kiwi Galaxy
  • Raindrop Rose
  • Strawberry Kingdom
  • Winter Star


  • Popsicle Cloud


  • Anemone Planet
  • Coconut Mountain
  • Hazy Desert


  • Banana Island


  • Dandelion Hill
  • Hurricane Hill
  • Misty Mountain
  • Strawberry Meadow

North America

  • Chocolate Cupcake
  • Night Sprinkles
  • Poppy Moon
  • Raspberry Valley

East Coast

  • Cherry Island
  • Frost Valley
  • Hazy Galaxy
  • Meringue Cloud
  • Pumpkin Meadow
  • Stormy Pear
  • Watermelon Beach
  • Wind Star

West Coast

  • Cookie Canyon
  • Freezing Crater
  • Night Star


  • Dark Star

French (Canada)

  • Maple Star


  • Frozen Desert
  • Misty Valley 


  • Cookie Crater
  • Cookie Valley
  • Emerald Forest
  • Honey Valley
  • Rainbow River
  • Raindrop Shore
  • Sunbeam Meadow
  • Thunder River


  • Blueberry Clouds
  • Papaya Pond


  • Lightning Star


  • Air Star
  • Avocado Island
  • Fluffy Unicorn
  • Hazy Shore
  • Ice Cream Jungle
  • Icy Volcano
  • Marshmallow Clouds


  • Thunder Valley

United Arab Emirates

  • Sapphire Island

United Kingdom

  • Candy Cove
  • Cupcake Valley
  • Unicorn Forest

West Europe

  • Spring Star
  • Pineapple Mountain