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Spiders are a game mechanic in Star Stable Online in which you have to collect lost baby spiders to help Professor Hayden. The grumpy professor has been unusually excited as he can’t wait for the moment when his precious pet Alberta will finally give birth.

We’d be super happy to share Hayden’s excitement if not for the storm moving in over Epona. Thanks to the violent storm, all of Alberta’s 100 poor little spiderlings have scattered away and now they are all alone somewhere on Jorvik! Professor Hayden is nothing short of devastated and your help is needed to bring the babies back home!

You'll be helping Professor Hayden in this questline

Warning by Star Stable:

This questline contains LOTS of cute and fluffy spiders! If you complete these quests, spiders will appear all around Jorvik. These quests will not play any part in unlocking other quests so if you feel like spiders aren’t your cup of tea, it’s perfectly alright to skip these quests!

When you’ve started your spider search, a new page will be unlocked in your journal! There you’ll be able to see how many spiders you can find in each area as well as how many you’ve already found. To open your journal, press „J” on your keyboard!

Don’t forget to return to the professor every now and then – in his house you’ll be able to say hi to all the spiders you’ve saved, and if you’re lucky he might even give you some sort of reward for rescuing his “grandkids”!

If you find all 100 of the lost baby spiders, you will be rewarded with 6 unique and max-stat items! You get them after collecting 10, 20, 40, 60, 80 and 100 spiders. Return to the professor after collecting the spiders and he will give you one of the rewards.


Once you completed an area you will be rewarded by Linda who will show you Catherine’s memories of that area. A new chapter of Catherine’s diary will also appear in your Lore Library so you can read Catherine’s memories with her own words.

To open the Lore Library, click on the „J” key on your keyboard. You will also see how many memory fragments you have collected so far.


Coming soon…

There are a few other similar game mechanics to Token’s Adventures where you have to collect objects, such as the Spiders, the Golden Stars and Token’s Postcards. Click on them to see more!