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Token’s Adventures! 


Token’s postcards are a game mechanic in Star Stable Online which arrived to the game in August 2019. In order to be able to start the quests, you have to help Sindra who can be found between Moorland and Fort Pinta. When completing the first part of the questline, James will have a new quest for you.

He has a new business idea – to create postcards featuring his adorable stuffed toy, Token the dragon! Of course he’s planning to sell the cards for sky-high prices at a later point, but first and foremost someone needs to photograph the pictures for the cards. Here’s where you come in!

James will ask you to find the perfect locations for the photos around different areas on Jorvik. You will know you’ve found the right spots when you see yellow sparkles and the outlines of Token. When you got all the photos, return to James!

These photos belong to a brand new collection in your Journal, which means you don’t have to find all photo locations at once or throughout one single play session. To open your Journal, press „J”. All photos taken will also be saved to your computer in the same folder where your Photo Mode pictures end up!

Your Journal - press "J" to open it!

There are 6 chapters of Token’s Adventures. The first chapter is available for all everyone, including players who don’t have Star Rider membership, too. From Chapter 2 onwards you will need a membership in order to be able to complete the quest.

Chapter 1

Chapter 1 is located in Moorland and Fort Pinta and is available from level 3

Chapter 2

Chapter 2 is located in Silverglade, Valedale and Firgrove and is available from level 6

Chapter 3

Chapter 3 is located in Jarlaheim and Jorvik City and is available from level 9

Chapter 4

Chapter 4 is located in Mistfall and South Hoof Peninsula and is available from level 12

Chapter 5

Chapter 5 is located in Epona, Dino Valley and Goldenhills Valley and is available from level 15

Chapter 6

Chapter 6 is located all around Jorvik at different hidden locations and is available from level 18



Click on the pictures to see the detailed location of each Token Postcard!

There are a few other similar game mechanics to Token’s Adventures where you have to collect objects, such as the Spiders, the Golden Stars and Catherine’s Diary Entries. Click on them to see more!