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Your Stories


A few weeks ago I asked you on my YouTube channel’s community page to send me your theories, your ideas and your stories about friendships you’ve made on Star Stable! 

A lot of you messaged me and sent me your heart-melting stories and on this page I’m going to share them with you!

The page constantly updated! You can still send me your stories (and theories and ideas) to my e-mail!

Let’s start!

Let's see the stories of friendships that you made on Jorvik!

“Hello everyone!

Our names are Luna Miststar and Rebeka Silverland. We could say we are quite veteran players of SSO. We both started playing the game about 3 months after its release, back in 2012. There were no separate servers for all countries, just huge groups based on different parts of Europe. We didn’t know each other back then and had very little English knowledge, and thus had difficulties communicating with others and solving quests on our own. Our friendship started with one simple question: Is there any Hungarian? And the answer was yes.

Building friendships on the internet is never safe. You may never know what kind of freak is sitting on the other side of the keyboard. The game wasn’t well known at that time and we were very cautious. It was hard to trust people from the beginning. But as time went by and we got to know each other more and more, our trust in each other grew stronger as well. We suffered through lots of hardships, such as losing contact for several months due to computer problems, but our friendship didn’t break apart. Even when the new servers were added and we were split apart, we fought to get back on the same server so we could play together again. It was around that time we first started talking over Skype video calls. We spent hours together every day, just talking and playing. It was in the summer of 2015 when we could meet for the first time in person. We live very far away from each other (considering Europe) and had the Hungarian-Romanian border separating us from each other. When we first met we almost choked on each other’s hair as we hugged like long lost sisters (and like maniacs), tears rolling down on our cheeks. We talk several hours a day, several times a week to this day. Playing and talking just like when we were small. We now visit each other around 2 times every year and we break our hearts every time when it’s time to say goodbye.

We are both “adults” by now. We turn 18 and 19 in the upcoming months. We still have almost 800 kilometers between us, but we are close at heart. We will never forget that we became best friends thanks to an online horse game, thanks to SSO. We hope you liked listening to our story and we hope that we could make you happy. Wish you the best. <3


Luna and Rebeka”

Luna & Rebeka

“In 2016 roleplay became popular on the Hungarian servers, too, so I started creating stories, joining others, making friends. One day I saw that a girl wrote to Global chat that she was hosting a roleplay and I thought “why not?” so I joined them. After the roleplay I added her as a friend since she seemed nice from the beginning. As time passed, weeks became months and we became close friends. In 2017 we started calling on Skype (Good old times…). First we were a bit shy but as time passed we enjoyed these calls more and more and we found a common voice.

A lot of hours of video calls happened between us, it was like the 250 kilometers between us didn’t even exist. We broke the distance, not once but three times and we’re already planning the fourth! We met first in the summer of 2018 (we were awkward at first, haha) but it was so good to hug her! The second time I visited her and we did a sleepover, we made photos, we went bobsleighing (and I fell asleep that evening while watching a romantic movie… )

And now here I am in a very good friendship with this girl. During the years we matured and now our chats are not only about the games, but like if we were sitting in a café and talking about the world. I hope 2020 will be a year filled with memories!

That was our friendship in a nutshell. Thank you for reading it!”

– Eline Riverstar and Delilah Turtlefield

Eline & Delilah

“I still remember the day when I met Eeyore. I had rejoined Thunder Pearls United (a family club on Meringue Cloud), and we were accepting new members. To this day, I still dislike when new people join the club, but Eeyore was an exception. She acted like an eight-year-old, being too chatty and annoying. She even dressed like one too. But one day, at an event, I got a friendship invitation. And surprisingly, it was from her! I was startled but accepted it. We immediately became fast friends. Back then, she called herself Cake because of her username, Cassandra Sapphirecake. We did almost everything together. We became close to another girl, too. We became an inseparable trio. Despite the age differences, we got along just great! We decided to leave the club, and go make one on Cookie Canyon. I missed our old club and started complaining. We had a huge fight, sending me out of the club and to Hazy Galaxy. Shortly after, the club owner came to Hazy to visit her friend, and she offered me a spot back in the club. I accepted and moved back to Meringue Cloud. It was lonely there since it was a new server. But I also missed my friends. A few weeks later, I logged on and saw that I had some mail. I didn’t usually get any, so I was confused. I rode over to the mailbox and saw who it was from. I read through the mail. It was Cake apologizing to me. I was so relieved to hear from her and immediately mailed her back. We’re still friends to this day, and I wouldn’t trade the world for her. When I changed my nickname to Tigger (because of my extremely hyper mood and enthusiasm) she changed hers to Eeyore. Together, we’re Tigger and Eeyore. Best friends for life.”

– Holly Leopardstorm a.k.a. Tigger & Cassandra Sapphirecake a.k.a. Eeyore

Tigger & Eeyore

“I have some stories. First, I will tell you this, which is very special for me. To respect this person’s name, I will only address her as “J”. How I met her.

At the end of 2018, or at the beginning of 2019, I think that I and other girls traveled from Moorland to Fort Pinta. (To these places because some girls were not star riders). In the end we returned to Moorland, with those who were left (there were not so many, since many were disconnected). I remember we went to the campfire on Moorland Beach, and we were there.

And I think that during the whole tour J and I talked a lot. And then our friendship began. As time went by, we got very close to the point that we were already addressing ourselves as “sisters.”

But there came a day when I don’t remember very well, but we get mad at each other, I don’t remember the reason. Well, the thing is that later, we reconciled. And, of course, not everything is pink. There were people who damaged her, just as persons did with me. But whenever we could, we were there to help us.

J plays very little SSO, but when I see her connected, I don’t hesitate to greet her and give her all the love she deserves. A few weeks ago, she was connected. And something important happened. I would not like to say in public what happened, but I can assure you it wasn’t bad. I think that due to this fact, our friendship was further strengthened.

Thank you for appearing in my life J, I don’t care if we don’t see each other much.”

–  alxn & J

Luna & Rebeka

” Hello from Romania! I’m Iris Coldclaw and I wanna tell you the story about how I met my 2 BFFs and my sis from SSO.

Well my first BFF is Avdotia Fasthawk. I joined a roleplay once and I met her there. We roleplayed until the other 2 girls left and then we started training. We became closer and closer and became BFF for life. For that I want for my birthday to give her a star coins code.

I met my sis Bresha Skystone very simple. She asked who what’s to be her sister and I said yes. Then we roleplayed , trained and did many things together. She is very nice even she is lower level than me.

My second BFF is Elizabeth Cometfield. I met her when I moved servers. I was very scared and I asked who want to roleplay. She answered and she comforted me then. We played every day and became good friends. We had a lot of fun and even helped each other buy new horses.

Well that’s my story. Btw I love your vids soooo much. I think without you I would met them or even became a star rider. Thanks!

Lots of love from Romania ,

Iris aka Ilinca”

– Iris Coldclaw, Avdotia Fasthawk & Elizabeth Cometfield

Eline & Delilah

“Me and my friend (Juliette Haybaker) were recording for a Youtube video, we were climbing in Golden Hills, and we were having so much fun with it. (Honestly even the editing of the video was fun) but her horse kept falling and it was that place where your horse would go “I can’t go through here I’m too scared” and you would have to go through alone. We got in with our horse tho and her horse kept stopping and saying that it didn’t wanna go through because it was scared, and we couldn’t make it stop again. Then after a few minutes it finally  ran away from that place. We then ran a place where you would have to jump a pretty long way to get to the other side, and I just couldn’t figure out how to do it! Probably the funniest experience me and Juliette have had together!”

– Amanda Turtledawn & Juliette Haybaker

Amanda & Juliette